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Diversity and Inclusion

We like to say that our team is like a tapestry made up of many different threads in a variety of colors. When these threads are purposefully woven together, something wonderful is created. The benefits of Diversity and Inclusion are a healthy, positive environment, supportive collaborations, increased creativity and productivity, and enhanced professional growth. And these are goals that we’re working on, together.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee was founded to bring together teammates from all backgrounds and departments to ensure that DHI Title continues to foster an environment where every employee enjoys equal opportunity for development, recognition, and respect.


Our DHI Connects is a platform for teams to connect through shared interests and expand the diversity of their networks. Each DHI Connects group has a unique theme and purpose, and is guided by an executive sponsor, a team lead, and a corporate trainer to help organize and achieve the vision that the group sets.
DHI Cares: This group is for DHI teammates who are interested in achieving community outreach goals, as well as identifying and supporting worthy causes. They’ve raised funds for local food banks throughout the country, donating over 10,000 meals to date. Their current causes include organizations supporting children, front line workers, the environment, the elderly, and more.

Mortgage Tech Talks: The purpose of this group is to learn more about mortgage technology, explore related topics, and discuss trends in the industry that could benefit our company and our customers.

Navigating New Paths: The purpose of this group is to discuss topics such as Financial Fitness, Wealth Building, and Real Estate.

Network of Mentors: The purpose of this group is to build mentor/mentee relationships that foster professional development. The group regularly hears from a DHI leader, who shares their career story and gives professional development tips and advice.


In partnership with the National Training Department and the D&I Committee – one of the key ways we "Grow. Together." is by all DHIFS team members participating in group discussions surrounding D&I-related topics. These conversations promote a positive environment where teammates are empowered to show up authentically and to have their contributions recognized. In an environment where collaborative creativity exists, a sense of belonging can be found. Being intentional in building an inclusive team allows the talents and potential of each individual to shine, and having these conversations is one way to support being Different. Together.
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